About U.P.

I have been photographing people, places, things and animals since I received my first camera as a high school graduation present, and never stopped. My range of subjects includes portraits, special events, pets, animals, buildings and artwork.

For most photography, I prefer to shoot outdoors, taking advantage of the natural setting the environment provides. I often take clients to a park or a natural, wooded setting. Morning and early evening provide the best lighting opportunities.

I shoot digitally, both in color and B&W. I generally come to a shoot with two cameras and several lenses. The variety in lenses allows me to capture a person or people from far way, normal range and close up.

I shoot many types of photography - weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, annual events, races, website, portrait and more. I work all over the DC/Baltimore area, and am available to travel just about anywhere. I shoot for several non-profit organizations and independent schools - for publications, websites, head shots and special events. My fees are based on my time and talent. Each event is priced on an individual basis, dependent on a client’s needs.

Why the name Uncommon Photography? My greatest talent is in looking at ordinary, common things and capturing them from an uncommon angle, height or perspective.  While some of my work involves traditional views of people and events, I look for an uncommon approach whenever possible. The most ordinary items found at any given location can be transformed into a work of art if you look at them in an uncommon way. This is what I do.

In addition to photography, I have worked for non-profit organizations and independent schools for many years, and currently work as a consultant on fund-raising, strategic planning and graphic design. Please visit my Uncommon Consulting website at www.uncommonconsulting.net, or email me at maggie@uncommonconsulting.net for more information.




Maggie J. Szymanek